Latest Works 2016 – 2017

Tranquil Radiance

Tranquil Radiance is one of a series of drawings to do with distillations of landscapes and memories. I am trying to capture a fleeting and instantaneous trace in time, space and place. Working from left to right a strange notational space seems to happen, marks that become signs for pathways, allowing the viewer to see my journey.
Sometimes the marks teeter in and out of focus, hinting at what lies behind. Whilst drawing I was listening to Debussy?s Preludes, the music conjured up memories of light breaking through the clouds, cosmos, icebergs, mountains, marks in the snow and infinity. I like the fact that drawing takes time and each drawing has unique variations in a world that is bombarded with data and speed.

CalmResonant Silence Resonant Silence (detail) Tranquil Radiance Tranquil Radiance (detail) After the RainAfter the Storm the Light Broke ThroughChanging Landscape 1Changing Landscape 2Crisp RadianceDebussy Debussy Nocturne D Flat 2Debussy Spring